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Game Name: Raidy's Magical Adventure    71Good
  Categorie:ELA Game Game Package Size:2869K
  Update Date:2010/5/17 Downloads:5412
Game Description:
By the daily amusement and play behaviors of the three roles “Raidy, Annie, Borry” in the games, to guide the subscribers to learn in the course of the game. All play behaviors aim at the topics children of the right age are interested in.

Raidy's Magical Adventure tells the story that Raidy goes to the fanciful and illusory world to defeat the evil fire dragon through many passes. The children may learn comprehensive knowledge including mathematics, English, general knowledge, and music.
The fanciful and illusory world is divided into forests, cave, and sky. There are many virtual enemies block off Raidy to advance, and there are many passes to be opened by Raidy. Let’s work hard with Raidy to find out the evil fire dragon and defeat it.
Each enemy represents one small game. Pass the small game to continue advancement or open the pass. While playing the game, you may view the beautifully fanciful and illusory world.

Control: Use Up, Down, Left and Right keys to control the movement of Raidy, and Enter key to open the pass and use the articles.
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